Separate but Equal?

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As a Christian who was raised Catholic, I believe that marriage is a sacred, holy, and very special union between a husband and a wife. If you Googled “define:marriage,” the first definition states it’s between a husband and a wife.  However, not all of you are Christian.  And as I believe in religious tolerance, I also believe outside of Christianity you can define marriage as whatever you’d like.

I believe also, that marriage is both based on love, which generally results in a child.  No, I’m not going to quote Leviticus, but I will quote Pope John Paul the II.  He said, “No other form of relationship between persons can be considered as an equivalent to this natural relationship between a man and a woman out of whose love children are born.”

I also don’t think a Church should lock out homosexual individuals… that defeats the purpose of it being there.  We might as well close the doors to everyone if we’re going to shut them to specific “sinners” because we all are…

I personally believe this gay marriage war is a waste of the government’s time, and it’s almost a waste of my time to be writing about it because all I’m saying is that within Christianity, I don’t think it matches our definition of it, but outside it can be whatever you please.

And no, I don’t hate homosexuals.  I’m not going to picket outside the Supreme Court with signs or ally myself with the West Borough Baptist Church.  I just… I guess I just don’t care.

I don’t have the right to tell anyone what to do.  Now, there are morals, and there are certain laws.  If you’re breaking the law, I’ll openly disagree with you.  If you are killing someone, hitting your kid, or cussing out a cashier at McDonald’s, I’ll probably openly disagree with you or your actions.  Marriage is a union that two people choose to enter into with each other.  I can’t tell you who to marry.  I can’t tell you who you can’t marry.

I don’t know if anyone is going to understand this or if they’re even going to read all the way through before writing off some comment that I’m some crazy Christian a-hole who hates anything that stretches outside traditional values and that I’m an equal-rights un-activist.  I will say, though, I don’t care what you think.

See, it’s ironic because if I were to say, “No gay marriage.  That’s stupid,” people would attack me for being intolerant.  And the funny thing about these controversial dealios is that hating someone for having an opinion that differs from yours is so hypocritical because you’re being intolerant of them as well.  Keep that in mind, guys, as this goes on.  I don’t know if that’ll make sense to you, either.

My point is this: my Christian definition of marriage is that it is between a man and a woman.  A lot you want marriage between two men or two women.  My definition is unequal to your definition.  The people, regardless of their lifestyles, are equal, but the definitions of marriage aren’t.  Reiterated: we have different definitions of marriage.  Homosexuals and heterosexuals are equal by rights and as individuals.  Just because my definition, within Christianity, is different from yours, which is more than likely outside of it, it does not mean I think I’m better or they’re lesser or whatever.  Get it?

I also believe that marriage is currently based on love for one another.  A friend raised an interesting point about marriage being a union to better raise children, but I believe it’s grown to be more than that.  And no, I’m not going to quote Leviticus to defend my Christian beliefs.  I will quote Pope John Paul the II who said, “No other form of relationship between persons can be considered as an equivalent to this natural relationship between a man and a woman out of whose love children are born.”  And that’s my belief, and you probably disagree.  And that’s fine.  You have that right.  But I’m not going to tell you what to think, and I don’t expect you to tell me what to think.  Let’s agree to disagree, k?

So, the Supreme Court should probably rule that two men or two women can indeed receive a marriage license in a courthouse in California, and if they choose so, the rest of the nation.  (I still, however, feel like this is something that outta be left up to individual states, not the Federal government, but that’s a whole different political debate).  At my church, though, don’t think the pastor would ever recognize the marriage between two men or women as a covenant before God, and I also don’t expect it to become a practice within most churches.

A lot of fellow Christians will probably be upset that I’m writing some of this.  Some feel that I should oppose it within the Church and outside of it for the sake of this nation.  And maybe they’re right.  But, I think this relates most to religious tolerance.  I mean, yay for the First Amendment, right?  Based on that, I guess I’ll spell out my stance one more time:

I affirm the Constitutional right of any religious hierarchy to define who can wed in its church or whatnot.   I also affirm and understand that the same Constitutional right prohibits that same hierarchy from imposing its own dogma outside its own institution.

You can count me as indifferent of marriages outside my Church.  But my church and my religious hierarchy reserves the right to define it within our own institutions.  Any questions?

And I could possibly be alone in these thoughts or my stance on it.   I guess that’s how I feel.  Anyway, hater’s are gonna hate.  What can ya do?

I guess I’ll close with this: I pray that the Supreme Court reaches a decision that they believe is in agreement with our Constitution, and that the people of this country move forward with open minds, with intentions to reach their own goals peacefully, and with the integrity and humility to not exactly accept other beliefs, but to simply tolerate those that differ from their own.

Random Fact of the Day: Each day you breathe out the equivalent amount of CO2 that a “green” car exhausts after driving about 9 miles.

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