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Okay I have a lot on my mind, so, this post will be bulleted and random.

  • I love how we all hate Tom Brady. I mean I hate it when my team plays the Patriots because of him, but I don’t hate the guy. Look, he was like… almost, what, the 200th pick in the 1999 draft? He was a scrawny kid. They underestimated him. NOW LOOK AT HIM.
    • Update: They won the Superbowl. I called it. Before the half, I knew he’d make that comeback. I love Peyton Manning but #12 is the GOAT.
    • Does this mean we beat up Patriot’s players, light their limos on fire and break Starbucks’ windows? Hm. #NotMySuperbowl
    • To be honest, I dislike the Patriots just because they’re a tough team to beat but:
      • I was excited for Tom Brady walking into this game, similarly to how pumped I was for Peyton Manning
      • Let’s not hate on peoples’ successes, but be congratulatory
      • He doesn’t give a damn about what we think
        • He’ll just win the Superbowl
        • Break hella records
        • Go home to his kid
        • And his gorgeous wife
        • You don’t matter. But hate him all you want
    • My favorite Tweet: “I can’t believe the guy with the foreign model wife and a sketchy history with the rules just won after being written off.” -@BenShapiro
  • Smurfs are fun. Not like the blue things. This is a League of Legends thing.
    • Okay, so think of ranked games in League like this:
      • You have an elo from 0-2200, if I’m remembering this correctly
        • In chess, I think “elo” starts at 1600. If you lose a game, you lose like ten points. If you win, you gain ten more.
        • League is the same way in the sense that you win and lose points in ranked, and your elo either rises or falls.
      • In league, there are five main divisions (two for the “pros” at the very top):
        • Bronze: 0-1249
        • Silver: 1150-1499
        • Gold: 1500-1849
        • Platinum: 1850-2199
        • Diamond: 220+
      • Each division is divided into 5 sub-divisions, I guess, so if you were to climb from the bottom of Bronze, you’d go through B5, 4, 3, 2, then 1.
        • To climb to the next subdivision, you need 100 LP. You gain an average of like 20 LP per win (depending on your elo). You then need to win two out of the next three games.
        • When you reach zero, you get demoted on your next loss (generally speaking).
        • When you get promoted, you reset to zero.
        • To climb to the next division, you need to win 3 out of 5.
      • Your elo isn’t always the same as your division:
        • This is because your elo is up or down, and your division freezes when you’re in promos.
        • You can be in Silver 1 with a Silver 5-ish elo.
        • That’s never good
    • Anyway, a smurf is someone who is higher elo, usually high gold, or plat, and they create another account and play ranked at lower elo.
      • Seems fun, right? I have a few friends in high elo who are mid-plat, and I’m currently mid-silver…
        • The skill level is black and white
        • They usually destroy their opponents
        • That means easy games, easy climbing
      • Is it cheating?
        • Not technically.
        • Riot (the creator of League) says it’s within guidelines, and I think the only way to get banned is by:
          • Doing the Bronze to Diamond challenge
          • No account starts at 0 elo, so you need to lose on purpose to get there to start the full challenge
          • Losing on purpose, or intentionally losing (int’ing), is bannable.
    • Is it okay?
      • Okay, so now we’re discussing one of the main points of the game, which a lot of people tend to forget:
        • The point is to have fun.
        • If you’re mid-bronze and you’re facing someone in a “serious” match and they’re actually plat elo…
        • …that isn’t fun.
    • Basically, smurfs aren’t fun. I can’t tell you what to do, if you play league and you’re reading this
      • I will say that you have no life (seriously, though)
      • Seek enjoyment in what you want
        • I won’t complain; I’ve won against smurfs, it presents a challenge that I’m glad to try to take on
        • You can smurf, but just because you steamroll bronze fours, it doesn’t mean you’re “good”
        • But you’re probably still better than me
  • Hue Lights by Philips are amazing.
    • They’re expensive but:
      • Energy efficient
      • Perfect for lazy people
      • Last 3+ years.
  • Milo.
    • Here’s the thing about that guy:
      • If you debate issues with him and talk about things he’ll:
        • Respect your opinion
        • Let you say what you want and support your arguments
        • Argue back
        • Discuss
        • Sometimes even agree
      • If you flame him, name call or stoop down
        • He’ll troll you to no end
        • He’ll make you look pathetic
        • He’ll rip you to pieces
    • I know I’m late on this but:
      • Calling him a Nazi is wrong because:
        • He’s half Jewish
        • He’s gay
      • Rioting and causing a scene at UC Berkeley only:
        • Boosted his name recognition
        • Caused his book to hit number one again on Amazon
        • Make him more famous
        • Gave a stronger voice for his cause
    • So, I say riot more. Throw more fits. Do yo’ thang. I can’t tell you what to do any more than you can tell me what to write here. But whether you like the guy or not, he’s winning.
  • Speaking of political arguments and whatever
    • Instead of calling someone a racist:
      • “I believe in equal rights regardless of skin color.”
      • “Your statements indicate that you don’t view people of different races in the same light; why is that?”
    • Instead of calling someone sexist:
      • “I think that women, if they desire, they’re capable of those things, too.”
      • “Your statements indicate a hostile attitude towards the opposite gender. I try to view both genders as equal.”
    • Instead of calling someone homophobic:
      • Try to discuss and reach the basis of their beliefs. You might find that they actually don’t hate gay people
      • “I don’t want to tell you what your religion can or can’t do. My beliefs lie outside the realm and reach of your religious organization.”
      • “Your son’s potential for being gay won’t be caused by seeing a gay couple any more than his potential to go on a mass shooting spree because you play a first-person shooter in your free time.”
    • Instead of name-calling in general:
      • Walk away.
      • Talk about the issue.
      • Introduce facts
      • Avoid personal attacks
    • Instead of getting offended:
      • Try to see why they feel the way they do.
        • It’s never “they’re stupid” or “they’re ignorant” though that can happen
        • There are feelings, stories and experiences behind almost anyone’s viewpoints
        • Figure those out, and try to understand…
          • …that by understanding, you aren’t agreeing
          • …that it’s okay to disagree.
    • Remember:
      • Violence and verbal attacks are more fascist than you think.
      • Calling someone ignorant because of their viewpoints means you are, too, because you’re not taking the time to hear their side and counter.
      • You will rarely change anyone’s mind on what they believe of think.
      • You will never change anyone’s mind by engaging in an immature, elementary and emotional way.
  • I was stocking up on beer for the Superbowl at Hyvee. The lady in front of me was short for her groceries and started going through her bags for things to take out. I slid the cashier some cash and said, “Don’t worry about it.” Everyone looked at me like I was crazy and the lady was almost crying saying “Thank you” over and over again. Look:
    • Did she need the two packs of Diet Coke? Nah. Of course not.
    • But…
    • Why is it so crazy that I decided to help her? It was ten bucks. Like that’s another six-pack, right? No big deal. It made her day. I felt good about that. I didn’t do it for the attention. I did it because it felt right. People shouldn’t be patting me on the back for that. They should be nodding their heads or feeling bad because they weren’t quick enough to pitch in.
    • I truly try to embody this whole “do all things in love.”
    • I’m not saying I’m perfect or a wonderful human being because of this. I just try to do the right thing most of the time.

That’s all for today. Don’t you love how my brain works? Imagine trying to get something like what’s above into what some call “well-written” posts about single topics… Welcome to my mind. Have a great week!

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Toxicity Isn’t the Answer

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I work and go to school full-time, but when I have the free time, I normally play League of Legends with my duo partner. When we’re tilted or doing poorly, we’ll hop over to unranked games or ARAMs, but you’ll generally almost always find me playing ranked.

I’ll admit, I’m still “new” to League when compared to most other players. I started playing late-February of 2015 and didn’t get into ranked play until November at the end of the season. I’m learning a ton, but I’m by no means good enough to blog specifically on gameplay.

There is one thing I want to talk about. If you’re reading this and you’re stuck in my elo (high bronze to mid-silver), you’re going to understand exactly what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t play League or you’re well beyond my skill level, you’ll relate, I’m sure.

Can I just say this really quickly? FLAMING YOUR TEAMMATES WILL NOT IMPROVE THEIR GAMEPLAY. If you read any parenting handbook, it’ll explain that yelling or negatively handling situations with your children will probably only make things worse and won’t result in positive behavior. Similarly in LoL, toxicity won’t make your teammates want to work with you or try to win.

I can’t count the number of games where my top-laner decided to blame or flame others and they appear as such a negative and awful person that I lose all motivation to win the game. You don’t need to be all smiles and compliments, but when someone does poorly, simply be positive. It’s honestly not that difficult. If it is for you, then maybe you need to 1) find a new video game or 2) take a break and get out of your parents’ basement.

YES, cyberbullying is a thing. I don’t believe I’ve ever been a serious victim of this, but there are people who are fragile or easily impacted by things people say to them online, and they let this affect them irl.

YES, you’re the scum of the earth if all you do is flame and can’t contribute anything positive. I don’t know what the problem might be in your situation. Bad home life? Recent break up? Maybe you’ve never had a girlfriend? Whatever it is, it doesn’t belong in the game. You don’t need to spread your negativity like a cancer and infect everyone else who is just trying to have a good time.

YES, it’s okay to criticize teammates but do it constructively. They forgot to ward? Remind them. You don’t need to utilize every other swear word to remind someone to put a trinket in tri-bush. Did they engage badly? Don’t call them a bad player or whatever and just suggest they initiate fights more wisely.

LoL is even kind enough to give us random tips about this. Players with positive attitudes win more games. Unfortunately, the majority of you who will read this aren’t the toxic bigots I’m writing about. Which is why I urge you to remember, use the report tool during the post-game. It’s imperative to do so in order to sift out these players that make the game so much less enjoyable.

Remember- it’s a video game. It’s not life or death. It might matter a lot, but it doesn’t matter that mucto the point that you have to be a negative asshole and ruin it for everyone. Just work with your team, be positive and have a good time. At the end of the day, I’d rather lose a game and have a good time than win one with someone who is incredibly toxic.

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